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Food Action Plan Forum Series Launched!

 As part of the Food Action Plan implementation phase, the Food System Alliance is hosting four community forums focused on each of the four action areas of the FAP. These convenings will bring the community together to articulate the action required for adoption and implementation of key priorities and goals in each area. At each event, an Action Team will be formed as an ad-hoc committee of the Alliance to carry out the work set in motion during the forum.

On September 16th, nearly 100 community leaders came together to kickoff the Forum Series and get to work on the Healthy Eating pillar of the Food Action Plan. In partnership with the Sonoma County Healthy Eating Active Living Community Health Initiative, the forum focused on FAP Goal 5.5: Identify and support innovative strategies to increase the retail availability and affordability of healthy, local food and beverages. Following several compelling and informative presentations, attendees participated in an extensive workgroup process to identify targeted solutions and opportunities to be advanced throughout the county. At the end of the day, the Healthy Eating Action Team was launched and participants enjoyed gourmet appetizers donated by Whole Foods and prepared by Ceres Community Project. Please stay tuned for an update on next steps!

Forum Series events