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Growing Our Farms Forum

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The Sonoma County Food System Alliance hosted "Growing Our Farms" - a forum to share resources and forge new partnerships between landowners, land seekers, and support organizations working to improve land availability for local food production. The event was held on April 23, 2015 and drew in more than 150 people representing a diversity of interests. Participants spent the day learning from key food and farming leaders and agencies, sharing creative land leasing models, and expanding their relationships throughout the Sonoma County ag and foodscape. This video, produced by Sonoma County Wire provides a snapshot of the event and concisely presents the challenges that young farmers face, and why it’s so important to strengthen our local food systems.

“Growing Our Farms” was part of the Healthy and Sustainable Food Action Plan implementation phase, and designed in partnership with the Sonoma County Food System Alliance's Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee. Joseph McIntyre, President of Ag Innovations, facilitated the event. To connect with the Alliance, please contact Lisa Badenfort

The Committee is currently exploring key feedback and proposals from forum participants to determine their action plan. Stay tuned for updates.

Hosted & Sponsored By:
Ag Innovations
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
The Farmers Guild
California FarmLink
Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District
Greenbelt Alliance
Sonoma County Ag Preservation & Open Space District
Sonoma County Ag Commissioner & Sealer
Sonoma County Department of Health Services
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Events Center
Sonoma County Farm Bureau
Sonoma Land Trust
Sonoma Resource Conservation District
UC Cooperative Extension - Sonoma County